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Today, this blog has the honour of an interview with the Instagram sensation @evenfallpoetry (real name Prabhu M Nair). Prabhu currently has over 134,000 followers on Instagram, and I am a huge fan of his poetry posts. Recently, I got in touch with Prabhu and, fortunately for us, he agreed to an interview.

Where do you live and has this place inspired your writings (or the backgrounds of your posts) at all?

I come from a small state called Goa, in India. There is no doubt that the place is beautiful, but what makes me use the backgrounds for my posts is the moon, stars, and the late-night skies.

A lot of people like to talk about them and feel connected to them in some way. So, that’s one of the reasons why my posts usually revolve around the idea of using such backgrounds.

This blogger: Yes, the elements that you mention are highly evocative, and add a wonderful dimension to your poems. You choose your backgrounds perfectly for each post.

What was the spark that made you start writing poetry? And what was your first poem?

Writing has always been a medium to express your thoughts; for me, it just clicked in November 2017 to start a writing account on Instagram. I don’t remember my first poem, though I’ll put the one here which I had written during the initial times:

Empty halls filled with echoes

the sound of your laughter still plays

as long as it makes me feel alive

in my dreams like an illusion

I have been to the places

where you dropped our memories

and I look at them

as they turn into ashes

Nights we spent together

counting stars, kissing scars

falling asleep

in each other’s arms.

Your absence hurts

when I realize being alone

searching for you

in one of those stars in the skies

Empty halls filled with echoes

the sound of your laughter still plays

as long as it makes me feel alive

in this birth and every after

This blogger: Thank you for sharing this poem with us, here. It is wistful, haunting and painful. I hope you have never felt this way over someone.

When you first started putting your poems on Instagram, were your family and friends supportive?

An example of @evenfallpoetry’s gorgeous posts on Instagram.

To be honest, I just spoke about the idea of making the page only to a few of my friends. Some of them criticized my decision, but the rest supported me then and still do. It was almost after a year when I spoke about my account to my family and I have been receiving their support ever since, which means a lot to me.

This blogger: Your approach was very sensible. Well done to you for persevering with your account, and only telling people en masse once you had a sizeable number of posts up that had good engagement. It is a real skill to knuckle down and work hard quietly.

How did you come up with your pen name ‘Evenfall Poetry’?

There were a lot of usernames on my mind. Sadly, though, many of them were already taken because Instagram was already a big platform. Why “evenfall”? Because it was similar to the ones I had in my mind, and also because it means “onset of the evening.” It’s a very lame reason, but most of the good things that have happened to me are during that part of the day, including the making of the page. (*Smiles*.)

Your poems are all very honest, truthful and inspiring. Where have you learned all this from?

What I write mostly are verses, quotes, prose, and a few bits of poetry. It’s all that I feel inside; maybe, I draw inspiration from my past, present or probably thinking about a few scenarios that help in making relatable content with what the audience or readers may get connected to.

How long do you usually spend putting together a post for Instagram? (This includes the writing of the post and adding the background for it.)

That varies upon the length of content I upload. The pictures I use for the background are usually saved in good numbers probably a few weeks in advance. The time used for creating short captions may take just 10 minutes while the long captions which I preferably use take up to 30 minutes, and some really long stuff takes more than hours.

This blogger: You are very efficient, Prabhu! Most of the short posts I put up take me as long as your longest ones lol.

If you could give your younger self some advice about the process of writing poetry, what would it be?

I would say to write what you feel, penning down certain thoughts that come to you, scribble a lot of stuff, try replacing few of the words with better vocabulary until it makes sense in the end.

Also, those who have a writing account on Instagram, I would say to focus more on your content rather than looking up for numbers – those are just by-product of what you create. I find a lot of writers comparing themselves with others, thus losing the motive of writing something to express themselves.

This blogger: That’s really good advice for every kind of writer, including Instagram ones.

Interview with the Instagram sensation @evenfallpoetry - advice for writers

How has writing changed you?

Maybe I have turned a little sensible and matured when it comes to certain things that I like, haha. Replying to a lot of DM’s on a daily basis gets you an idea about people struggling on the other side of the globe and still holding on, surviving. This motivates me, as well, to create more content.

What has surprised you most about writing poetry?

Sometimes, there are plenty of thoughts or emotions, especially when you are sad or in a depressing state of mind. When writing in such a state of mind, there is a lot to pen it down. Also, writer’s block. (*rolls his eyes*.) It has happened to me quite a few times and stops me from writing something new.

This bogger: (*Laughs hard*.) You are not alone in having issues with writer’s block. I think many writers are familiar with it. I wrote a blog piece in August about the top five ways to beat writer’s block, as I felt it was such an issue lol.

Do you find music helpful when writing a poem? If so, what music do you like to listen to?

I prefer soft music running in the background as it helps in refreshing my mind. But I don’t write while listening to any songs. It’s either before or after writing.

What do you hope your readers will gain or learn from your poems?

A little bit of positivity from the posts about healing. Also, I hope they are uplifting and a kind of support from the pieces related to heartbreak; although, those pieces are quite painful and depressing, they make readers feel that they aren’t alone in the journey, that someone else is going through the same thing, too.

This blogger: I believe absolutely that they do all you hope for and more. Your poems are very touching, sensitive and painful, yes. But that enables your work to be empathetic and understanding to others; that they feel you are with them. In part, I feel, this is why you have accrued so many followers, particularly on Instagram.

Lastly, what do you like to do when you are not writing poetry or posting on Instagram?

interview with the instagram sensation @evenfallpoetry - the man himself, Prabhu

The poet and Instagram sensation, himself, Prabhu M Nair.

Apart from writing on Instagram, I have been working on a few collaborations with different blogs. Mostly, I focus on creating writing content that goes along with their site, and spacing out some time for my debut poetry book.

This blogger: Wow, that’s really impressive. It just goes to show that when you do well on one platform, you can go on to enjoy success on other ones. Keep up the great work, Prabhu!

End of Interview

This brings our interview with the Instagram sensation @evenfallpoetry to an end. I would like to thank Prabhu for his time and to say that it has been great getting to know him. I wish him all the best in his future writings and other ventures, including his writing collaborations and his debut poetry novel.

Furthermore, keep up to date with Prabhu by following him on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Honestly, he is so talented, and I strongly recommend you to check out his content as it will leave a great impression upon you.

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